July 24, 2024

Social media engagement encompasses a series of actions that show how successful your brand has been at engaging with its audience on social media platforms.

Including such things as comments, likes and shares, engagement on social media has become increasingly important for all businesses to measure, with their success in this area often crucial to their overall popularity.

Working with a social media marketing agency in Surrey is the most effective way to improve your businesses’ social media engagement, and sustain it, but you can also try implementing the following 8 tips:

1. Find engagement metrics

Your engagement metrics are often viewable on the dashboard of each major social media network, where you can see how many likes, shares, comments and impressions you’ve had. You can also take advantage of tools for managing social media via third party digital marketing service providers.

Analyzing your engagement is sometimes as simple as spotting a drop in responses, and adjusting your content so that it appeals more to your target audience. Alternatively, you may notice an increase in engagement, and work out what it is that you need to keep on doing.

2. Set goals and define metrics

Determined by your social media goals, the metrics you use differ greatly, and for each goal, a related metric must be used to help you understand whether your strategy is working or not. By setting clear goals for engagement, you can work out what your content efforts should be focused on.

3. Better understand your platform

Every social media platform has its own set of metrics, culture, and trends, and your engagement strategy must be adjusted to reflect this. With more than 15 popular platforms to choose from, joining them all might not prove beneficial, so do some research to figure out which ones are most suited to your brand and audience.

4. Get to know your audience

Without a clear understanding of your audience and who it is made up of, your brand may never connect with them in a meaningful way, and hence never gain more engagement on social media.

5. Understand what makes a post engaging

With consumers typically looking for authentic posts (such as from customers when giving a testimonial), and live and short-form video images, you can take advantage of this and make your in-feed social content more popular and engaging.

6. Create content that can be shared

Consider what types of content are more likely to be shared, such as visual content like images and short-form video, and create your posts and stories around these.

7. Find out the best times to make social media posts

Each platform will have certain times of the day that are more popular in terms of engagement with your target audience, and once you’ve figured this out, you can capitalize on engagement by posting at those times. Equally, you must consult with digital media marketing experts to determine how many times a day you should be creating content, as there is invariably a certain spot that allows you to remain active on social media, without overwhelming your audience with too many posts.

8. Put your strategy into action

Make all of the above points a habit with the help of an experienced social media agency in surrey, and you should find it much easier to create content that enables consistent and positive engagement with your audience.

But, it’s important to remember that the world of social media is a changing one, so you must ensure that your strategies for improved and sustainable engagement using the tips above, adequately reflect those changes.